The island of San Michelle with its yellow-bricked wall surround and cemetery trees

San Michele, Venice, Italy

Home to the first Renaissance church in Venice, Isola di San Michele (the island of San Michele) is more famous today as the burial place of Russian composer, Igor Stravinsky,…
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Chiesa di Santa Chiara, Enna, Sicily

Chiesa di Santa Chiara is more than a church, it’s an indoor cemetery. Until 1767, it was home to the Jesuit fathers but later, after the Jesuits had been expelled…
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Cimitero Comunale, Scicli, Sicily

Heading out of Scicli, our visit over, we turned back on ourselves as I carefully navigated a hairpin bend on a steep hill. There, over in the distance, MI spotted…
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Fontanelle Cemetery Naples Italy

The bones of Naples

Modesty aside, I think I have a fairly decent vocabulary. I can’t lay claim to knowing every word in the dictionary but I could make an educated guess at the…
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Cimitero Monumentale di Milano Italy

Prostrate with grief in Milan

In Milan a while back, I was a little taken aback to see a woman, lying prostrate on a grave, her grief palpable, her sorrow tangible. Coming from a country…
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